Friday, February 6, 2009

Vegan Products of the Week- Lip Glosses and Lip Balms

Finding vegan lip products can sometimes be difficult. Many contain beeswax. Red and pink colored ones often contain carmine (crushed beetles-why do they put this in cosmetics-do omnivores really want to wear crushed beetles???).
A few of my favorite lip products......

Urban Decay has many vegan products, including a large selection of lip products. Urban Decay lists on their website which products are vegan and you can print off their vegan product list to take shopping with you. Urban Decay products are at Sephora (not the whole line though) and many department stores. They have lots of colors of vegan lipsticks as well.

The entire American Girl line at Bath and Body Works stores is vegan. Their line is fun for adults but it is great for vegan teens and children! They also sell the American Girl products at the American Girl stores.


From top to bottom on the left:

Urban Decay XXX Shine Quikie

Urban Decay Shot-o-Gloss Pina Colada

Urban Decay Ultraglide Gash

American Girl Sheer Fruit Punch

From top to bottom on the right:

Eco Lips Lemon-Lime

Splash Organics Orange and Strawberry

LUSH Lip Lime

American Girl Talk to Me Watermelon


Splash Organics are all vegan products that you can purchase online or in New York City and in Pennsylvania at craft fairs. My sister got me their products when she was in New York. The lip balms are really nice and smell great but I have not tried their other products yet.

LUSH products were featured last week and they also make lip balms in cute little tins. All their products are vegetarian and many are vegan. Vegan products state that they are vegan.

Eco Lips is sold at Whole Foods and REI stores and is very moisturizing. This is my favorite one for chapped lips.

If you know some other vegan lip balms and glosses, let me know so I can add them to a future post.

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