Friday, January 30, 2009

Vegan Product of the Week - LUSH

Even though I have been a vegan for over 7 years (and a vegetarian a lot longer than that), I still love finding out about new and old vegan products. Being that I have learned about so many great vegan products from the other vegan blogs, I thought I would start a "vegan product of the week" feature as my contribution.

This week's product is the LUSH line of cosmetics. LUSH is 100% vegetarian and they are great about listing which items are vegan. They use minimum packaging and everything is made so fresh that they list the date each product is made and when to use it by. They have stores all over and you can buy their products online.

All solid products are just wrapped in paper. If you buy them at the store, you can request no packaging!

The three wrapped items are bar soaps. The round one is a holiday bubble bar. The unwrapped bar is the trichomania shampoo (crazy name but great product).

If you love taking baths, you must try their bath bombs and bubble bars. My absolute favorite LUSH products are their solid shampoos. No packaging and they are incredible! They also have solid lotion bars, solid conditioners and bar soaps so you could be packaging-free! Online, it states if the item is vegan under the description or you can select to have it show you only vegan items. In the stores, it is listed on the descriptions next to each product and the staff is usually very helpful and knowledgeable. Enjoy!

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