Thursday, April 16, 2009


Not the freeway kind, although we do have plenty of those in Los Angeles!

Ramps, also known as wild leeks, are only in season for a short time in April and May. They have a garlic/onion flavor and are delicious. If you get a chance to try these, you really should. I usually use the green part raw but it does have a really strong flavor. The white bulb part I tend to cook and use it as I would garlic.
Purple potatoes with ramps

Ramps should really be the focus of the dish so you can enjoy their flavor, so best to pair them with milder ingredients. The green leafy part, for me, is best raw and the white part is better cooked since it has such a strong flavor. I really like the fresh green leafy parts chopped up and added to potatoes. You could saute the white part with potatoes or mushrooms then add the green part raw for extra garlic/onion goodness. Ramps are great on pasta too. Saute the white parts with some olive oil and hot pepper, add to pasta then stir in the leafy parts. I have read that they are wonderful charred on the grill but have yet to try that.

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