Monday, April 20, 2009

Mayan Spiced Chocolate Pudding

In this month's issue of Vegetarian Times, there is a recipe for Mayan spiced chocolate pudding that has no tofu in it!! It seems so many vegan pudding and mousse recipes rely on tofu, which is ok, but I can always taste the tofu in it and many people can't eat soy. This ones uses coconut milk and cornstarch as a thickener. It is really good and I love the spiciness that the chili powder and cinnamon add to it. Mine came out a bit lumpy because my cornstarch had little lumps in it that I didn't make sure dissolved. I am going to try this with arrowroot as a thickener next time instead of the cornstarch.

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  1. If you want a heavenly chocolate pudding without soy, another great option is using a cashew base. Cashews make great cream sauces, cheesy sauces, mousses, ice cream... just about anything where other people might use dairy. I usually use both cashews and tofu, but you could use just cashews. Either blend them with so little water that you get a thick cream, or use corn starch to thicken.